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​Long-term care facilities (LTCF) include skilled nursing, assisted or senior living, and group homes and/or board and care facilities.  As LTCFs typically serve older individuals with chronic health conditions, residents of LTCFs are at greater risk of developing severe disease from COVID-19.  Contra Costa County Public Health addresses this population in two ways: 1) providing preventive support to facilities through education, assistance in PPE supplies, and surveillance testing, and 2) through a special testing and outbreak team that monitors and supports facilities in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

Casos, hospitalizaciones y muertes


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This dashboard will be discontinued on Monday 9/14. Click here to view the updated dashboard.

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Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths

Casos, hospitalizaciones y muertes

Data shown below include cases, hospitalizations, and deaths of COVID-19 among Contra Costa County residents and staff living or working in Long Term Care Facilities (skilled nursing, assisted or senior living, and board and care facilities) within Contra Costa County.  These data are only for LTCFs within Contra Costa County and are only reporting on residents and staff that reside within Contra Costa County.  Staff working in a facility in Contra Costa County, but living in a different county are not included in the below counts.




The information below presents active and resolved outbreaks at LTCFs in Contra Costa County.   An outbreak is defined as the current California Department of Public Health definition: a skilled nursing facility with 1 or more COVID-19 positive resident(s), or another congregate facility that has 2 or more COVID-19 positive resident(s) or staff within the previous 14 days.  Active outbreaks are those that have had a positive case within the last 28 days.  Resolved outbreaks are those that had their last positive case more than 28 day ago (i.e. after no positive cases for two full incubation cycles). These data are only for LTCFs within Contra Costa County.


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