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Legal authority for County Health Officer orders addressing the COVID-19 pandemic is in the California Health and Safety Code, which grants broad powers to the Health Officer to protect public health during local emergencies and prevent the spread of contagious diseases. The statutes include Health and Safety Code sections 101040 and 120175. As actions taken under this statutory authority, Health Officer orders are measures taken to preserve the public health, which is an exercise of the police power contained in the California Constitution. 

Health Orders for the General Public

Social Distancing Order

Date of Order: 6/16/2020

This Order supersedes the June 5, 2020, Order of the Health Officer directing all individuals to socially distance (“Prior Order”). This Order continues to restrict most activity, travel, and governmental and business functions to essential needs and to the Outdoor Activities and Outdoor Businesses that the prior Order allowed to resume.  But in light of progress achieved in slowing the spread of COVID-19 in the County of Contra Costa (the “County”), and in accordance with a variance obtained by the County from the State of California on June 9, 2020, which allows the County to move more quickly, or in a different order, through Stage 2 of the State of California’s COVID-19 roadmap to recovery, this Order eases restrictions to allow additional businesses to resume or begin operating, subject to conditions set forth in applicable industry guidelines issued by the State. This Order also modifies restrictions that applied to outdoor recreation activities, childcare facilities, outdoor dining, campgrounds and outdoor pools.

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Requiring Face Coverings

Date of Order: 4/17/2020

The order, effective Wednesday, April 22, 2020, requires anyone working at or visiting an essential business, such as a grocery store or gas station, to wear face coverings to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 


Members of the public must mask:

  • Before entering and while you are inside any facility besides your home (examples: grocery store, post office, restaurant carry out, healthcare facility, etc.) 

  • While outdoors when you are unable to maintain a six-foot distance from other people (who are not members of your household) at all times (examples: park, picnicking, farmers markets, gas station, in line for a food truck or to enter a store, drive-thru, curbside pickup, etc.) 

  • Waiting in line for and riding public transportation

  • When personal vehicle windows are lowered to interact with first responders, food service workers, or others who are not members of your household

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Mass Quarantine Order

Date of Order: 5/13/2020

This order supersedes HO-COVID19-05 (April 3), the order requiring the quarantine of persons exposed to a person diagnosed with COVID-19. Quarantine separates individuals who were exposed to COVID-19 from others, until it is determined that they are not at risk for spreading the disease.


This order updates the description of close contacts to include anyone who has been within six feet of a person with COVID-19 for at least 15 minutes during the infectious period.

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Mass Isolation Order

Date of Order: 5/13/2020

This order supersedes HO-COVID19-04 (April 3), the order requiring persons diagnosed with COVID-19 to isolate themselves to prevent the spread of the virus and inform their close contacts.


This order extends the required isolation period to 10 days after the onset of symptoms, updates the definition of close contacts and redefines the infectious period for asymptomatic, COVID-positive people.

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Vehicle-Based Gatherings

Date of Order: 5/15/2020


Outdoor gatherings during which participants stay in their vehicles are now permitted in Contra Costa County if organizers follow instructions in a new health order.


The new order, which takes effect May 19, provides new options for religious organizations that have been unable to hold services since COVID-19 began spreading in the county, and for schools planning graduation ceremonies.


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Additional Health Orders

Requiring Testing of Residents & Personnel at Residential Facilities

Date of Order: 5/29/2020

Each Facility that is subject to this Order is a congregate living facility that houses many Residents who are at risk of contracting COVID-19 and experiencing serious health outcomes. To prevent virus transmission, it is important for each Facility to follow best practices for infection control, to respond quickly and appropriately when suspected or confirmed cases of infection are identified through screening and testing, and to report information about test results, supply levels, and other factors. Best practices to reduce the risk of viral transmission include monitoring for signs of infection in the Residents and Staff, separating and testing those with symptoms consistent with suspected infection, and testing Residents and Personnel who have no symptoms on a repeated basis to identify asymptomatic infections.

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Requirements for Residential Care Facilities

Date of Order: 4/13/2020

There is an increased risk of COVID-19 among persons living or working in licensed healthcare facilities, residential care facilities, shelters, group homes and drug treatment recovery houses. To help slow COVID-19’s spread and protect vulnerable individuals, it is necessary to implement the following additional preventative measures:

  • Requirements for individuals entering certain licensed and other specified facilities

  • Temperature screening and self-evaluation for COVID-19 symptoms

  • Masking of all staff and visitors while in facility

  • Minimizing staff working in multiple facilities

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Authorizing Testing and Processing by Commercial Clinical Laboratories

Date of Order: 5/1/2020


This Order authorizes the testing of individuals who (1) meet the criteria for testing; (2) do not have orders from their personal physicians; and (3) provide specimens for collection at sites in the County operated by or on behalf of OptumServe or its subsidiary, Logistics Health, Inc. (collectively “OptumServe”), under contract with the State of California.  This Order also serves as an assignment of such tests for processing to clinical laboratories under Section 1288 of the California Health and Safety Code and requires the reporting of test results to the individuals tested.

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Directing all Laboratories Conducting COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests to Report COVID-19 Test Information to Local and State Public Health Authorities

Date of Order: 3/24/2020

Because of the risk of the rapid spread of the virus, and the need to protect all members of the community and the Bay Area region, especially our members most vulnerable to the virus and healthcare providers, this Order requires that all Laboratories conducting COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests comply with mandated Reporting Requirements. These Reporting Requirements include, but are not limited to, promptly reporting all individual positive, negative, and inconclusive test results electronically to the California Department of Public Health and, in limited cases where electronic reporting is not possible, to the Health Officer. 

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​Suspending Intakes, Social Distancing at Homeless Shelters (Rescinded June 26, 2020)

Date Rescinded: 6/26/2020

As of June 26, 2020, HO-COVID-19-20|Spanish, requiring suspension of intakes and social distancing at homeless shelters, is rescinded. Homeless shelter intakes may now resume under health department guidance.

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