Active Health Orders

Legal authority for County Health Officer orders addressing the COVID-19 pandemic is in the California Health and Safety Code, which grants broad powers to the Health Officer to protect public health during local emergencies and prevent the spread of contagious diseases. The statutes include Health and Safety Code sections 101040 and 120175. As actions taken under this statutory authority, Health Officer orders are measures taken to preserve the public health, which is an exercise of the police power contained in the California Constitution. 

All Health Orders    ​​



Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine Verification for First Responders

Date of Order: 8/13/2021; Amended: 12/27/2021

This order requires law enforcement agencies, fire protection agencies, emergency medical response entities, and non-emergency medical transport entities to require certain workers who respond to emergency calls for assistance at specified health care and other high risk facilities in Contra Costa County, or provide non-emergency medical transport services involving patients at these facilities, as part of their usual duties, to either undergo routine testing for the virus that causes COVID-19 or prove they are fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine.

Beginning January 10, 2022, workers at these facilities and homeless shelters are required to prove they are fully vaccinated and have received a COVID-19 vaccine booster or undergo weekly testing. If workers are not yet eligible to receive a booster, it is recommended - but not required - to get tested weekly.

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  • Full Health Order - 8/13/2021

    • Amendment: Requiring Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster for Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Protection Agencies, Emergency Medical Response Entities and Non-Emergency Medical Transport Entities – 12/27/2021

    • Amendment: Requiring Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster for Homeless Shelter Operators – 12/27/2021

  • Press Release: Contra Costa Adds COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Requirement for First Responders - 8/13/2021

    • Press Release: Contra Costa Requires COVID-19 Booster Verification for Workers in High-Risk Jobs - 12/27/2021

​Requiring Testing at Healthcare Facilities

Date of Order: 9/24/2020

This Order is intended to increase COVID-19 testing within Contra Costa County. It requires timely testing of essential workers, as defined by the state of California, and requires healthcare facilities do not restrict the frequency of this testing by more than 7 days between tests. It also ensures that healthcare facilities do not require screening by a medical professional before scheduling testing.


Additionally, healthcare facilities are required to perform testing of:

  • Persons with symptoms

  • Persons who are close contacts to someone who has tested positive with COVID-19

  • Persons the health department recommends getting tested


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Directing all Laboratories Conducting COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests to Report COVID-19 Test Information to Local and State Public Health Authorities

Amended: 9/16/2020

This Order requires that all laboratories conducting COVID-19 diagnostic tests comply with mandated reporting requirements, including promptly reporting all individual positive, negative, and inconclusive test results electronically to the California Department of Public Health and, in limited cases where electronic reporting is not possible, to the Health Officer. 


This Order has been updated to require reporting of COVID-19 antigen testing to public health officials.

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Authorizing Testing and Processing by Commercial Clinical Laboratories

Date of Order: 5/1/2020


This Order authorizes the testing of individuals who (1) meet the criteria for testing; (2) do not have orders from their personal physicians; and (3) provide specimens for collection at sites in the County operated by or on behalf of OptumServe or its subsidiary, Logistics Health, Inc. (collectively “OptumServe”), under contract with the State of California.  This Order also serves as an assignment of such tests for processing to clinical laboratories under Section 1288 of the California Health and Safety Code and requires the reporting of test results to the individuals tested.

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