The Path to Zero

Moving Toward Zero

April 26, 2022: We now have more tools to fight COVID than ever before. Vaccines that prevent serious illness. Tests we can take at home. Life-saving medications for people infected with COVID that work and are here for everyone. That’s why we are launching a bold program we call our “Path to Zero” to stop all preventable COVID deaths. It won’t be easy. We’ll need your help by staying up to date on your vaccinations and, if you get infected, getting treatment. By now, everyone knows about the vaccines, but not everyone realizes there is highly effective (and free!) prescription medication. Part of the “Path to Zero” will be making sure everyone in our community knows about treatment options and how to access them. Any Contra Costa resident sick with COVID can now call the County’s 24/7 Advice Nurse line at (877) 661-6230 and request a prescription. By using all our tools, we believe we can reach our goal of zero preventable deaths.


Photo by Kches16414

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