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COVID-19 Congregate Care Playbook

Concern about protecting highly vulnerable seniors from COVID-19 prompted a powerful coalition in Contra Costa County to kick start a rapid infection-control curriculum and learning community for skilled nursing facilities and residential care facilities for seniors.

The COVID-19 Congregate Care Playbook supports congregate living facilities in reducing mortality due to COVID-19 by distilling current guidance into clear, essential actions for leaders, staff, residents, and their families. The Playbook outlines current best practices for key strategies for COVID-19 management and infection control, facilitates proactive training and standardizes tactics for high-risk situations. Each play is a plan designed to help deliver a win through highly coordinated teamwork.

Click on individual sections below or click for a printable PDF of the full Playbook

Congregate care playbook
Playbook intro.png
Play 1 title image.png
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Play 3.png
Play 4.png
Play 5.png
Play 6.png
Play 7.png
Play 8.png

This playbook was developed by the Contra Costa County COVID-19 Congregate Care Team, in collaboration with Contra Costa Health Services and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), with generous support from the Contra Costa Regional Health Foundation and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

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