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COVID-19 Community Presentation Request Form

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COVID-19 Vaccines - Safe, Effective, No Cost


COVID-19 Vaccines - Safe, Effective, No Cost


Get the Facts About
COVID-19 Vaccines


Getting Vaccinated
for COVID-19


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


What to Know After You Get a COVID-19 Vaccine


Is It Your Turn?

2021-covid-vaccine-flyer English.png

Be a Hero - Help Your Neighbor


Central County Vaccination

Central County Vax Flyer.jpg

East County

East County Vax Flyer.jpg

West County Vaccination

West County Vax Flyer.jpg

Bay Point Vaccination

Bay Point Vaccine Flyer.jpg

Protect Contra Costa


Protect Contra Costa



Contra Costa County

Openings at a Glance

Openings at a Glance in Contra Costa County

Slowing the Spread

Tip Sheet

Is it Cold, Flu or Coronavirus?

Common Symptoms

of COVID-19

Common Symptoms of COVID-19

Clean & Disinfect
for COVID-19

Cleaning & Disinfecting After a Confirmed Case

Cleaning & Disinfecting After a COVID-19 Case

Undocumented Immigrant Resources

COVID-19 Resources for Undocument Immigrants

Social Distancing

Social distancing sign

Know Your Risk:
Social Gatherings

Know Your Risk:
Community Gatherings


Know the Risk

Avoid the 3-C's

Avoid the 3-C's flyer

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Staying Connected at a Distance

OAWG Staying Connected at a Distance _ S

Do the Right Thing,

We Have the Power

Do the Right Thing flyer

Coronavirus and Stigma

Coronavirus and Nia

COVID-19 is Still Here
Yard Sign

COVID-19 Call Center
Business Card



After Testing Instructions

COVID-19 Testing Flyer

East County Testing Sites

East County Testing Sites

Central County Testing Sites

Central County Testing Sites

West County Testing Sites

West County Testing Sites

Get Tested in North Richmond

Get Tested in Central Concord

Get Tested in Concord flyer

Get Tested in Richmond


Face Coverings

Wear Your Mask Correctly

Face Coverings - Business Sign

Business sign - face coverings_English.p

Refurbished N95 Face Mask Instructions

Refurbished N95 Masks FlyerndS

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