For Schools, Workplaces & Congregate Living Facilities:
Case & Suspected Oubreak Reporting

Shared Portal for Outbreak Tracking (SPOT) 

Use the Shared Portal for Outbreak Tracking (SPOT) to report cases and suspected outbreaks at these places:

  • Schools

  • Childcare facilities

  • Workplaces

  • Congregate living facilities 

How to Use SPOT

SPOT Training Videos

Spot Bulk Upload of Cases and Contacts

When to Report a Case

Roster Reporting

Reporting through SPOT is always the preferred method to alert the county of a suspected outbreak. For roster submission, there are a few alternate methods:

  • Business/Workplace and Childcare: Please fill out the applicable templates and email to

  • Congregate Living Facilities:  Once your SPOT Intake Form is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the facility point of contact with COVID-19 outbreak information. A public health investigator will contact the facility the following business day to provide guidance on roster submission and next steps.

Reporting Non-COVID Diseases

To report any other, Non-COVID Diseases to Contra Costa County, please visit our Communicable Disease main reporting page: