Omicron Boosters for Kids: Now offering Pfizer for 5+ years and Moderna for 6+ years. Click to make an appointmentcall 1-833-829-2626 or visit a pop-up vaccine clinic.

Last updated 10/18/2022

Everyone should stay up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccination by getting boosted when they are eligible. Boosters give critically important added protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

What are Updated Omicron Boosters?

  • The new Omicron boosters made by Pfizer and Moderna contain an updated “bivalent” formula that boosts immunity against the original coronavirus strain and also protects against the newer Omicron variants which are widely circulating in the community.

  • Eligible people ages 5 years and older can get an Omicron booster made by Pfizer. People ages 6 years and older can choose to get either the Pfizer or Moderna Omicron booster, regardless of whether their primary series or most recent dose was with Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax, or the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Why Should I Get a Booster?

  • COVID-19 boosters are critical to maintaining strong protection from severe illness from the virus.

  • While the COVID-19 vaccines are working well to prevent severe illness, they can become less effective over time. Getting a booster shot extends your protection.

  • Booster doses are very common. They’re part of most childhood and adult vaccines because they help a person keep strong protection against infection from a disease.

  • People who get booster doses are less likely to get COVID-19 and, if they do become sick, are less likely to have severe symptoms, be hospitalized or die. 


Who Can Get a Booster?

Ages 5-11 Years

  • The updated Omicron booster from Pfizer is available to people ages 5 years and older who received their second dose of Pfizer at least 5 months ago or got their last booster shot at least 2 months ago.

  • The updated Omicron booster from Moderna is available to people ages 6 years and older who completed their primary vaccination series or got their last booster shot at least 2 months ago

Ages 12+ Years

  • The updated Omicron boosters from Pfizer and Moderna are available to people who completed their primary vaccination series or got their last booster shot at least 2 months ago.

People who are immunocompromised are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 and should get an extra shot as part of their primary vaccination series. Click here for more information or speak with your health care provider.

What if I recently had COVID-19?

If you recently had COVID-19, you may consider delaying your next vaccine dose (primary dose or Omicron booster) by 3 months from when your symptoms started or, if you had no symptoms, when you first received a positive test. Reinfection is less likely in the weeks to months after infection and some studies suggest that increased time between infection and vaccination may improve immune response to vaccination.

Individual risk factors such as the risk of getting severely ill from COVID-19, immune status, risk of exposure (due to travel, large gatherings, etc.), or if a person works or lives in settings with vulnerable populations, should be taken into account when considering delaying your next vaccine dose. Talk to your doctor if you have questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

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