How to Have a Healthy Holiday Season

Nov. 21, 2022: We are approaching the winter holidays, which means people will be getting together with family and loved ones. It’s a great time to give thanks, get gifts, spread joy – and germs.

Here are some tips for having a healthy holiday season:

  • Get tested before an indoor gathering or if you feel sick. Reduce the chances of infecting someone else with COVID by finding out if you have the virus. Make sure to stock up on home test kits. Free treatments are available if you test positive for COVID. Contact your healthcare provider, call the county advice nurse at 877-661-6230 or visit a test to treat location.

  • Stay up to date on your COVID vaccinations. Upgrade your protection by getting the latest bivalent booster shot, which protects against Omicron variants. Vaccines remain your best defense against hospitalization and death from COVID. Find a COVID vaccine provider near you.

  • Get your annual flu shot now. Health officials are expecting a bad flu season. Get protected now before flu season kicks into high gear. Find a flu vaccine provider near you.

  • Wear high-quality masks indoors around others. Masking isn’t required, but wearing a good mask (K95 or N95) is still a good way to protect yourself and others from COVID.

  • Stay home if you feel sick. Give gifts and thanks this holiday season, not COVID, flu or a cold.


We wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season!

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