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Testing No Longer Required to End COVID Isolation

March 13, 2023: Under new state guidance, people no longer need a negative COVID test to end their isolation period after five days so long as they feel well, have improving symptoms, and are fever-free for 24 hours. People should continue to mask for a total of 10 days after being infected, especially in indoor settings.

These guidelines are for the general public, including K-12 students and staff. Healthcare workers should follow their own isolation and quarantine guidance


Quarantine guidance for people who have had close contact with an infected person remains the same. People exposed to COVID don’t need to quarantine, but they should take a test 3-5 days after being exposed or stay home and test if symptoms develop.

The change in isolation guidance comes on the heels of the state and County ending their public health emergencies at the end of February.

For more information on isolation and quarantine, visit our COVID-19 Patients and Contacts page.

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