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New COVID-19 Vaccine, Novavax, Now Available

August 3, 2022County-run vaccination clinics in Contra Costa are now offering the recently approved Novavax vaccine for adults who have yet to be immunized.

The Novavax vaccine is different from the Pfizer and Modern vaccines, which use mRNA technology to teach the body to fight against COVID-19. Novavax is a protein-based vaccine similar to others that have been used for decades, such as the hepatitis B and shingles vaccines.

Novavax requires two doses given at least three weeks apart. It has not been approved by the FDA for use as a booster, so it is only available to people ages 18+ who have never gotten a COVID-19 vaccine.

Unvaccinated people can request Novavax when they come to County clinics. To schedule a vaccination appointment, go online or call us at 833-829-2626.

For more information, visit our About the Vaccine webpage.

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